Finding Macaroon is a dynamic video production company that creates organic media content for brands, publications and entrepreneurs. Based in Portland, OR and servicing across the U.S. FM specializes in character pieces and storytelling formats for people looking to create a video presence through social media and websites.

Finding Macaroon was founded by Director/Producer, Emily Wheatley. Wheatley has created an operation that is focused on communicating the reality, the inspiration and the passion vs. the commercial facade. Her aim is to engage with the emotion of the viewer, creating that bond between you and your demographic.

Whether it’s focusing an already existing story about how your brand was inspired, or creating a story about something as simple as a pair of jeans and their character: FM will cultivate, develop and execute that story. It is our job to take your vision and translate it to a storyboard so to convey the most dynamic visual picture for your audience. Offering a visionary perspective to set you apart from other’s content. While also providing you a high quality production value with seasoned experience driving the process.

We ensure that your partnership with Finding Macaroon will be one of ease and transparency. So with that we pride ourselves on getting to know the people we work with to allow for a seamless collaboration. Our efforts are none other than to be helpful to your growth. What better way to connect with people than to show them what you are all about.

Everybody has a story…..let us tell it.