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Some video examples of brands we’ve worked with:

Studio Misfits Video for website:  Warren Ellison who started as freelance growing his business into an agency, wanted to communicate his new mission as an agency for his clients.  He wanted a simple and straight forward video to clearly stated his message.




Small Batch Brand Video for website:  They wanted to convey to their customers the ideals and background of their brand.  While at the same time keeping with their marketing aesthetic, which is clean, bright and stream line. The goal was for the visuals to be transparent and engaging while keeping focus on the narrative.


Portola Coffee/Union Market Facebook video:  The goal of this video was for Portola to tell their story as well as explain their relationship with Union Market.  Only having a two and a half minute time limit, we had to keep the visuals upbeat and fast paced.  While at the same time keep a story line for the viewer to follow.

Sidecar Doughnuts Instagram Video:  For this 15 second Instagram video, Side car wanted to promote their #sidecares monthly doughnut campaign.  With only 15 seconds to work with we kept the visuals fast paced but each image engaging, pulling the viewer in quickly.